by CJ Cannata

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There are plenty of great document management solutions available in the market today. Choosing the right one for your business or your customers’ business can be a challenge. In our +30 years of experience in this industry, we’ve learned that while all businesses want to automate processes and increase productivity and profitability, their employees (the users) are resistant to too much change. If teams already like their current applications, a document management solution that does not integrate with what they know and like will not be welcome.

With over 600 partners and 14,000 customers in 90 countries, we know that integration between DocuWare and the software already in use is the key to successful adoption. Working within the IT ecosystem of a business minimizes upfront cost, downstream maintenance and all-the-time headaches.

DocuWare also integrates with key business hardware like scanners and multifunction devices for effortless conversion of paper to digital. And with 500 different integrations across CRMs, ERPs, HR systems, homegrown applications and more, we built our reputation on flexibility and maximum positive impact.

The integration between DocuWare and our admissions software, as well as our student information system has become the key benefit of our new solution. Our data syncs every two minutes, so we know we always have our documents indexed correctly and have the most current information available to our staff.” Deanna Porterfield, College President, Roberts Wesleyan College. Read the full case study here.

DocuWare’s integration offerings are extensive. We offer native integrations for a number of ERP, CRM, email and other applications. We also offer simplified point-and-click integration that requires no programming skills at all – just link data fields and you’re done. For deeper, sophisticated application connections, DocuWare provides URL integration as well as rich API/SDK libraries to ensure utterly seamless information transfer and synchronization. To learn more, tune in to our free webinar Perfect Together – Integrating DocuWare into Third Party Applications.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still impacting us, it’s never been more important to empower our remote and distributed workforces with document management and automation tools that provide secure, anywhere-anytime access to data. DocuWare’s mobile app is available for smartphones with iOS or Android, allowing users to search DocuWare file cabinets from a smartphone, display documents or task lists, then stamp, view or store them.

DocuWare and our network of expert partners are equipped to help businesses benefit from valuable synergies across every area of their company, from sales and accounting to HR management. Some areas where DocuWare integrations help include:

CRM: Strengthen customer relationships and ensure efficient access to information directly from Microsoft Dynamics or any other CRM system, in full compliance with data protection guidelines.

ERP: Accelerate financial processes and seamlessly transfer invoice processing data to Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and other ERP systems and manage accounting documents within the same financial data environment.

HR software: Fully digitize all HR processes and combine your tools for HR management, payroll, and other HR-related areas with digital employee records, forms and workflows to transform HR into a flexible, modern and service-oriented team.

Microsoft Outlook: Securely archive and index email by integrating email into business processes, fulfill email compliance requirements, and ensure information contained in email messages is accessible to authorized team members.

DocuWare is uniquely focused on building software that “just works”. We take our role within critical, centralized processes like those above as seriously as our customers, and that focus drives our product strategy of stability, flexibility and interoperability. Our partners appreciate that focus because it makes for happy, long-term customers.

To learn more about how you can join our partner network, visit us at https://start.docuware.com/partnership-opportunities.